Hi All,

My client has a database (Sybase) in which a table column URL contains a
string like-
http://www.pjonline.com/cpd/nutrition_ _drugnutrient_interactions

The box like un-recognized character is emdash.
I need to display the data on the web lets say in a HTML page where box
should be decoded somehow to be displayed as emdash. We cant change anything
in the dataabse as such. So anything we need to do has to be done on the

I have tried using online tool like http://2cyr.com/decode/ which just
converts the string to a best match decoded string and also displays box as
This means we can do something in PHP to convert the box to emdash somehow.

Is there any possibility in php to convert to real emdash?

I have alreasy tried urldecode, mb_convert_encoding etc. Also the
interesting thing is that "http://2cyr.com/decode/"; website says that the
string is of encoding hp-roman8!

I want the string to look like-

Any help?


Gaurav Kumar

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