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>> I haven't had to implement a scheme like this but for an app I'm working on
>> we've been considering the same issues in order to keep member data safe.
>> I would say your best bet is to keep the decryption key in memory while the
> This is something I'm very interested in hearing more about since our other 
> discussion about PHP & threads and how some list members prefer the 'share 
> nothing' approach.  That said, how would you access the memory for every 
> individual sessions that need that decrypting code/key when nothing is 
> shared?  (I'm assuming that this would be purely in PHP :)

+1. each server stores it locally in APC, or you have to mess with
memcached, and since it is plaintext, encrypt that too? :p

I -always- design for 'shared nothing' so this is a necessary
discussion too, if "in memory" is the idea.

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