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> This is very straight forward, if password a and b are not equal to each 
> other, how can I let the user know that with out losing all of the entered 
> information on the registration form?
> I was trying this: 
> ---$p1 = "<input type=\"password\" name=\"usr_p1\" />";
> $p2 = "<input type=\"password\" name=\"usr_p2\" />";
> // if they didn't match return
> $p1 = "<input type=\"password\" name=\"usr_p1\"  value=\"" . $p1 . "\"/>";---
> I was trying to change the value of the variable which shows the input field 
> to have the password already in it.
> and either one would just be echo'd depending on the result.
> Any ideas please?
> From,Michael calkinsmichaelcalk...@live.com
If you aren't opposed to using JavaScript, I'd do it there.  If you don't want 
to use JavaScript then you can load the form data from the $_POST (or $_GET) 
array that was passed back to your script.

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