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No problem.

Here is an example of my code using the RMail script from phpguru.org.
It was previously known as html_mime_mail5.

// Create a new message.
$o_Mail = new RMail();

// As we are going to use SMTP to send the email, we need to know
where to send it.
// On my setup, the SMTP ini setting is what I'll be using.
// You can also supply any SMTP AUTH settings needed here.

// Set the From header
$o_Mail->setHeader('From', '"Richard Quadling" <r...@nowhere.co.uk>');

// Some other useful headers.
// $o_Mail->setHeader('Return-Path', '"Return to me"
// $o_Mail->setHeader('Return-Receipt-To', '"Delivery Receipt"
// $o_Mail->setHeader('Disposition-Notification-To', '"Read or Delete
Notification" <disposit...@nowhere.co.uk>');

// Add the subject.

// Add the HTML with a location of the images to be added to the email
automatically, rather than relying on internet to provide images
// which is blocked by various security levels of Outlook.
$o_Mail->setHTML($s_HTMLMessage, 'D:/Global Web Documents/images/');

// Let's add an attachment.
// The filename, the mime type, the encoding and the file name to show
the attachment as.
$o_Mail->addAttachment(new fileAttachment('D:/Uploaded/content.zip',
'application/zip', new Base64Encoding(), 'YourContent.zip'));

// If you want to keep copies of your emails, then setCc is the method to use.

// Finally, send the email to the recipients (held in an array to
allow for multiple addresses) using SMTP.
$o_Mail->send(array('"Your recipient\'s name"
<your_recipient_em...@domain.com>'), 'smtp');

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