Their WHOIS info shows that they don't want you to know who they
really are, as well.  They use a Portugal-based domain privacy service
named Domain Discreet.

    Their web host is at http://hosting-advantage.com/ and
http://www.web-hsoting.com/ (sic).  The parent company, NetFronts,
advertises their lowest plan with the following info:

          1500 MB Disk Space
          22.5 GB Data Transfer
          50 POP3 Email Accounts
          FrontPage Extensions
          Password Protect Pages

    They are certainly taking advantage of the last feature on that
list, and really getting their $9.95/mo.'s worth.

    Jay, are you absolutely positive you've got the right address for
that company?

I am. It is confounding to me that the exec team will not listen to me
on this one but I suppose that is not unusual.

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