Mike Wright wrote:
Hi all,

I'm very puzzled by this. I've been using the php mail command for years but now I can't get it to work and can't figure out how to diagnose the problem.

I can access the mail server with "/usr/bin/mailx" and by telnet "localhost 25". I can also send mail using php by using 'exec (" echo $body | mailx -s $subject $recipient")'.

php-5.2.29 on fedora10 with apache 2.2.14.  Can this be selinux related?

I'm using Zend Server Community Edition. Apparently it is launched pointing to a different php.ini (/usr/local/zend/etc/php.ini) and the libphp5.so is compiled WITHOUT a sendmail path.

Even though I used "ini_set('sendmail_path', '/usr/sbin/sendmail')" in the program it apparently had no effect.

Only after setting the path in Zend Server CE's php.ini would the mail command work.

Zend claims it is not a bug stating, "even though the traditional path is /usr/sbin/sendmail one cannot always be certain that is true for all distributions".

10 days on this and miles behind schedule...

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