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> inheritance of this kind is useful if you have common descendants for
> specific types of object

Nice thought. I imagine something like a DB wrapper, and implementing things
such as multiqueries and others on an extension based on the basic
connection made in the "original" class. Am I right on that?

> another use, is a modification of a certain component.
> descend it from the parent object and override the functions.
> you can do pre processing and post processing by overriding functions.

So, you're saying I can do something like this? :

class foo {
  function hello($a = '') {
    echo 'hello '.$a;

class bar extends foo {
  function hello($a = '') {
    if (!empty($a)) parent::hello($a);
    else echo 'bye world';

$xx = new bar();

Which will print (hopefully, haven't test it yet):

hello asdf
bye world

That would be really a nice way of updating certain vital apps, without
breaking basic functionality.

Thanks for your answer :)

Greetings !!

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