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> Hello,
> I've been looking at this to long, and am not seeing the issue. When i
> had the below php code set to !empty instead of !isset as it is now I
> got the value of the name variable echoed back, yet on sql insert that
> field, along with all others are empty, though no error is generated,
> just a bogus record is inserted.
> When I changed to !isset I'm now getting the die statement echoed as
> if no value was passed from the form. This is not the case, I filled
> it out completely.
> Can anyone tell me where this code went wrong?


> php Code:
> // Check if fields are isset
> echo "Field Checs.<br />";
> if (!isset($_POST['name'])) {

    .... the line above.

    (Hint: isset != empty)

    (Another hint: with !empty(), you told PHP, "if it's not empty."
Now, with !isset(), you're saying, "if it's not set.")

    (Answer: Remove the exclamation point from !isset().)

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