I'm trying to utilize EXEC to have some text from a db query converted to a wav file using 'espeak'. The 'espeak' command works admirably by cli, but no matter what I do, exec does not
seem to function on my Linux box, even though safe_mode is off.

I've stripped the db query out, and ran a simplified text, 'Hallo Toofie' in the code. First off,
I made sure that the espeak code worked by cli. It does.

The code:


$command = "/usr/bin/espeak -g0 -ven+m3 -p22 -s170 'Hallo Toofie' -w aba.wav";


I've tried every combination I can think of including using 'espeak' without '/usr/bin',
directing wav output to '-f /home/kronos/aba.wav'.

What am I doing wrong?

Any help, pointers, suggestions appreciated!

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