I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did.

Subject: How to unsubscribe from the list. :)

You see, all of those "to unsubscribe, do this....." instructions at the
bottom of the emails sent through this list are wrong. We only put those
there to confuse everyone so that they will never leave the list. Since
you've obviously got more intelligence than to follow instructions from
the list owner ...

here are the *REAL* instructions on how to unsubscribe:

1) Go to <A HREF="http://www.dictionary.com/";>www.dictionary.com</A> and
look up the word "unsubscribe".
2) There is a hidden link right above the third word in the
definition.....click it.
3) That link will take you to Langley (US Security System).
4) Enter the launch code 345897349 to send a missile to 42 degrees north
latitude, 98 degrees east longitude.
5) Right before the missile lands, there will be a flash on your screen with
directions on how to build a model airplane.
6) Print those instructions and build the plane.
7) Take the plane to the roof of your building and fly it.
8) It will land on the sidewalk on a loose slab of concrete. Pick up the
concrete and put it in the nearest trash can.
9) Dig in the dirt under the concrete and there will be a red button. If you
push the button, you will unsubscribe yourself from this list.

Lara J. Fabans
Lodestone Software, Inc

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