Hi all,

Bit of a curve ball here (at least I couldn't find anything on Google
yet) but I need a way to be able to detect if a particular php script
crashes and generate some form of report from it.

Here is the system setup:

CentOS system, with the PHP scripts running as CLI called from a bash
script as part of a daemon. The setup is already all in-place for an
existing system, I've just been asked to implement a crash detection

I know I can monitor the error logs with tail() to detect errors, but
that is likely not going to be the main issue which needs tracking.

I've found a bit of documentation online for pcntl_signal() which I
believe should do the trick, but I can't seem to find just a plain old
list of signal monikers and their meanings. Does anyone have any light
to shed on this?

Also, any other input/suggestions would be more than welcome.


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