David McGlone wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I have been searching the archives for a past discussion where some software 
> that some folks use to (I think) save code snippets from e-mails for future 
> references or something of such.
> Does anyone remember that discussion? I am trying to figure out a good way to 
> create my own "wiki" type thing so I can use it to help me and be able to go 
> back and review very helpful e-mails or code that was very helpful to my 
> understanding of how it works.
> Here lately I've been remembering things that were brought up on the list 
> that 
> had very helpful info, but remembering what thread they were in or what 
> topic, 
> so I can find it in the archives is harder than I thought it would be.
> Anyone have any suggestions, techniques or remember that discussion so I can 
> find it in the archives again?


Daniel Brown wrote a weekly summary stats app that scanned his email account and
totaled the number of lines of code someone wrote in their email sent to the
mailing list.  It might worth while to ask him for this code detection 

Jim Lucas

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