Hi - I have a MySQL table full of product reviews and I'm trying to select
info for only the top 5 rated products.  The only way I can figure out how
to do it so far is something like:

$query1 = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM products");
for($i=1;$i<=mysql_num_rows($query1);$i++) {
        $row1 = mysql_fetch_array($query1,MYSQL_ASSOC);
        $query2 = mysql_query("SELECT AVG(rating) as rating FROM reviews
WHERE product_id='" . $row1['product_id'] . "'");
        $product[$i]['name'] = $row1['product_name'];
        $product[$i]['rating'] = $row2['rating'];

And then use array functions to sort and display only the first 5.

Is there any easier way to get this done with a single query - something
like "SELECT AVG(rating) WHERE product_id=DISTINCT(product_id)"? <<= I tried
that - it didn't work.  Would greatly appreciate any advice.  Thanks,


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