I've got a form with several required fields of different types. I
want to have the php script process it only when all the required
fields are present, and to redisplay the form with filled in values on
failure so the user won't have to fill out the whole thing again.
One of my required fields is a text input field called name. If it's
not filled out the form displayed will show this:

<input type="text" name="name" id="name" size="50" value="<?php
echo($name); ?>" /> <br />

Note, I've got $_POST* variable processing before this so am assigning
that processing to short variables.
If that field is filled out, but another required one is not that form
field will fill in the value entered for the name field.
This is working for my text input fields, but not for either select
boxes or textareas. Here's the textarea also a required field:

<textarea name="description" id="description" cols="50" rows="10"
value="<?php echo($description); ?>"></textarea>

What this does, if a user fills out this field, but misses another, it
should echo the value of what was originally submitted. It is not
doing this. Same for my select boxes, here's one:

<select name="type" id="type" value="<?php echo($type); ?>">
<option value="0" selected="selected">-- select type --</option>
<option value="meeting"> - Meeting - </option>
<option value="event"> - Event - </option>

I'd also like for any not entered required fields to have an error box
around them, I've got a css class to handle this, but am not sure how
to tie it in to the fields since any one of the required fields could
not be filled in.
I'd appreciate any help.

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