Aside from doing 2 tricky... well... tricks. You can't.. Standard HTML (to
my knowledge) does not support the ability to have a reset button be set to
an image. only those large gray Cadillac sized hideous buttons.

Now, with that said.. there are 2 ways you can do it. ;-)

Client Side - If you used a client side scripting language, like javascript,
you could set the action of that image to (onMouseUp) clear the contents of
the form.. I have seen this done pleanty of times before... Keep in mind
that won't always work, but hey.. its just a reset button, right?

Server Side - Its possible (php certainly included) that in the code the
form submits to, it could check the value of that form image button, and if
true, return you to the form and clear all the fields... I'm trying to think
of anyone who does this, and am drawing a blank.. There isn't much reason
not to though... In fact, i much like this way, and if no one has
objections, i think i'll start doing it. ;-)
Aaron Bennett
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> Hello,
> I am making a script at the moment and want to use images instead of the
> usual buttons.  Does anyone know how I can use the image as a reset
> button?
> Thank you,
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