Hello all,

I am processing an array to build an INSERT string in PHP. The code below I build an a separate array for the TARGET fields and the VALUES.

I am trying to trap for a NULL ENTRY in a Date Input Field. Date fields are identified with: $ffield['s']=='/'

I tried to add the "&& !empty($fval)" to the test but it is giving my an unexpected results. In my case, I have a Data of Birth field that keeps populating in the future: So 1941-06-16 inserts in the DB as 2041-06-16.

foreach($form_fields as $ffield){
$fval = is_array($ffield['f'])?joinFields($ffield['s'], $ffield['f']):$_POST[$ffield['f']]; $query_values[] = "'".mysql_real_escape_string($ffield['s']=='/' && !empty($fval) ?date('y-m-d',strtotime($fval)):$fval)."'";

Will anyone point out the problem with this CODE?

Don Wieland

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