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> Hi list,
> After struggling a bit to set-up a debug environment in PHP, I decided to
> write a complete tutorial to explain how to set-up XDebug in a WAMP /
> Eclipse PDT environment.
> Everything was already available on the web but was squattered on several
> different sites.
> I've tried to write a simple and concise article, and I hope it will
> benefit the community. It is so confortable to use a break-point in PHP
> instead of debugging with var_dump!
> Here is the link to the article:
> http://blog.thecodingmachine.com/content/setting-xdebug-debugging-environment-php-wamp-eclipse-pdt
> Enjoy,
> David.
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Thanks for sharing, David.  That's a nice compilation of information into
one easy-to-read post.


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