On 8 July 2010 18:55, Gary . <php-gene...@garydjones.name> wrote:
> On 7/8/10, Marc Guay wrote:
>>> And yes, I'd rather use DOM, but I can't.
>> Could you use this: http://simplehtmldom.sourceforge.net/?
> Interesting.
> Although I can't use DOM or Tidy (because they're normally built in,
> but TPTB decided to recompile PHP and exclude them, and I am not
> allowed to recompile it with them in), that's external so might be a
> possibility.
> Thanks.

If it were windows, then the Tidy extension is loadable via php.ini.

You could ask TPTB why they've removed the only tool that can read
this sh*t with any success?

Make the case for it. If they still say no, then tell them that the
sh*t is NOT XML and therefore the XML tools won't read it.

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