I'm creating a wsdl server but I have one doubt about the

I want to know how to return several parameters using the

I'm doing this:

class MyApi implements API {

  public function Send($param) {
  $resp = array('resposta' => 'works', 'events' => array ('from' => 'smith',
'text' => 'Hello world', 'to' => 'john'));
  return new SoapParam($resp, 'events');

Looking in the php.net Docs the soapparam() has this definition:

*SoapParam::SoapParam* (
$data , string $name )


The data to pass or return. This parameter can be passed directly as PHP
value, but in this case it will be named as *paramN* and the SOAP service
may not understand it.

The parameter name.

But How can I return the entire array: $resp = array('resposta' => 'works',
'events' => array ('from' => 'smith', 'text' => 'Hello world', 'to' =>
'john')); ?

Looks this wsdl schema in this email

I think you will understand more about my problem.


Augusto Morais
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