On 13 July 2010 15:06, Amit Bobade <a...@e-arth.in> wrote:
> Hi is anybody there to help me out on this?????
>> Hi all,
>> I am new to PHP and JS.
>> I am adding new text fields using javascript and I have to save the values
>> of these fields in database in single row. So, how should I post these
>> values? So that I can save them in the db.
>> Additional Info: There are 6 text fields in the row. I have to post the
>> information of all the fields collectively.
>> So, please suggest me a way.........
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>> Thanks and Regards,
>> Amit
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> Thanks and Regards,
> Amit
> eArth Solutions Pvt. Ltd

If the <input> tags are added to the <form>, or to an element within
the <form>, then when you submit the form, the newly created elements
will also be submitted.

Whilst you can read the form property of an input element (or
select/textarea), this property is read-only.

Give them a name. If they are a collection of items, then give them a
name like name="something[]" and you will get a $_POST['something']
array (or $_GET if you are using method="get").

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