I have an app that runs just fine on an older Solaris apache server
(Apache/2.0.53 PHP/5.0.4), but when I run the same app on a newer
Linux server (Apache/2.2.3-11 PHP/5.2.8) against the same database on
the same mysql server, it fails with "Allowed memory size exhausted".
This occurs on a:

$result = mysql_query($query, $db)

statement. Both servers are running the identical query, which returns
a result set under 0.5M. The Solaris server is configured with
memory_limit = 8M in php.ini, and the Linux one with 32M, so clearly
something other then what I'm seeing is going on. Anyone know what
could be causing this? Any php or apache build or config options that
I could look at?


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