Hi All

I'm really not sure if this is php or, perhaps, javascript.

I have a php application in development.  On one page I have a list of 
information extracted from a mysql database.  I have links beside each 
line to edit or delete that informaiton (which calls a php function to carry 
out the actual work).

I am trying to find a way to generate some sort of warning/confirmation on 
the delete link.  ie. I want to give people a warning before they delete 
information out of the database.

I know I can do this by using loading a form on the page and getting 
confirmation from it but I'm hoping to find a more elegant solution.

What I'd really like to do is get a windows-style requester appearing with a 
warning and 'OK'/'Cancel' boxes.  If they select OK then I'll go ahead and 
delete the data - if they select cancel I'll do nothing more.

Mostly what I'm trying to do is have that ok/cancel take place before I do 
anything with the page currently being displayed.

Can anyone offer pointers to a method of achieving this?

CYA, Dave

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