Butler, Shaun pressed the little lettered thingies in this order...

> check out the crypt() function
> http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.crypt.php
> if you don't care about decrypting the password this works fine.
> --Shaun

Umm... You've misunderstood something.  The reason why you would 
WANT to use mcrypt is because you CAN decrypt data that it has 

For encryption:
For decryption:

I use mcrypt when I need to store data that must be encrypted in the 
DB, but must also be decrypted on the way out (including passwords 
and credit card numbers).  The only reason you would need to decrypt 
passwords is if you want to view them or if you want to make it possible 
to have passwords mailed to people who forget theirs.

If you don't need decrypt capabilities, most (all?) SQL database servers 
have support for one-way encryption.

It's not efficient to store user data in "PHP scripts" (or any other script 
for that matter) as was stated in the initial message.  If you have access 
to a database server, use it.

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