From: David Mehler

> What i'm trying to do certainly doesn't seem hard conceptually, but
> coding it has been rough. I'm wondering if anyone has anything
> similar.
> I've got a database with records. The first time the page is accessed
> the submit button won't be selected, so display information about the
> record with a checkbox for selection. If a user selects a checkbox and
> hits submit, display only that specific record in a form for editing,
> once editing is complete feed the edited data back to the database.
> I'd like all this to be done in a single sticky file.
> If anyone has any code similar to this i'd appreciate getting a look,
> mine is nonworking.

Mine looks something like this

    $Submit   = $_POST['Submit'];

    if (isset($CCsubmit)) {
        ////////  DELETE
        if ($Submit == "Delete") {
            // Check to see if user authorized, then delete record

        ////////  NEW
        else if ($Submit == "New" || $Submit == "Next"){
            // Issue empty form or next record

        ////////  EDIT
        else if ($Submit == "Save") {
            // Validate and ssve the updated data. Reissue if validation

    else {
        // Issue form with initial data


You should also check in the Save option to see if anything was actually
changed. The record shouldn't be updated if nothing was edited.

Bob McConnell

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