Michael A. Peters wrote:
I need to switch from MySQL (where everything is peachy) to Postgresql - reason I need to switch is I need to use PostGIS and I don't see a need to run two databases.

I got Postgresql installed (stock CentOS / RHEL 5) and installed the postgresql php module and mdb2 driver. Restarted the web server.

Did a MySQL dump, ran it through a perl script, and managed to get it load into Postgresql without any apparent hickups. I can connect to postgresql and issue queries and expected results are in fact returned.

Made a user called webuser (what, you expect the real name to be disclosed here ??) in postgresql and gave it a password and access to the database. Updated the data/pg_hba.conf to add the following line:

local    mydbname webuser         password

restarted the postgresql server.

I *thought* that all I would then have to do is change my mdb2 dsn to reflect the new driver to use and then find parts of my code that are not standard enough SQL - but when I try to use anything, I get -

Fatal error: Call to undefined method MDB2_Error::execute() in /path/to/blah on line 63

I'm missing something here.

Here's my dsn -

$dsn = array(
   'phptype'  => 'pgsql',
   'username' => 'webuser',
   'password' => 'secret',
   'hostspec' => 'localhost',
   'database' => 'mydbname');

What am I doing wrong?
I get the same error no matter what I set username/password/hostspec/database to - so I think it is a basic connection error.

Yes, I put some error catching in -

MDB2 Error: connect failed, _doConnect: [Error message: unable to establish a connection]

So it looks like pg_hba.conf file either isn't allowing it or something else is blocking it.

*sigh* - guess back to trying to find document on setting up authentication for an account for a pgsql web app user because the docs I did find don't seem to be accurate.

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