Hello all.

I inquired about the problem below on a FM board but no one could help. Hoping someone here may have an explanation or a workaround.

I have PHP Pill installed on both a Mac and PC versions of FileMaker 11. On the Mac, things behave as expected. On the PC, they do not. My code is below:

$old_string= 'Antique Houses™ Appointment Calendar';
$find = '/[^a-z0-9]/i';
$replace = '';
$new_string = preg_replace($find, $replace, $old_string);
$new_string = trim($new_string, "");
echo $new_string;

So on the Mac, the above returns:

vs. the PC returns:

Is there any reason the PC version of FM converts the TM symbol to a T instead of removing as it should via regex?


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