I am having trouble with a part of my templating script. I'll try to explain:

The template itself is HTML with PHP code inside it, like:


And I have the following code as part of the templating engine:

$template = file_get_contents($file);
$template = "return <<<TEMPLATE\n".$template."\nTEMPLATE;\n";
$template = eval($template);

The problem is that the eval() HEREDOC combination gives the following output:


If in the HTML file (template) I use


I get  <?=strtoupper(username);?> as an output.

I have tried closing the php tag like this:

$template = "return <<<TEMPLATE\n?>".$template."\nTEMPLATE;\n";

but the extra ?> only gets outputed as HTML.

This is my first post to this mailing list, so I great you all and thank you for
any kind of solution to my problem.

Thank you!

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