Hi all,

I'm currently putting in a tender together for a large web project,
using PHP and MySQL, but I believe my skills may not quite be upto
scratch (or at least my development speed / quality of code), so I'm
considering finding a partner for the project.

They have a realistic budget, realistic development time-frame, and
there are enough "components" to the project to serve as an excellent
"trophy" to show off our/your capabilities.

I'm only interested in Melbourne (Australia) based PHP/MySQL developers,
capable of writing efficient, clean code for applications such as:

o  detailed content management
o  intricate membership management
o  e-commerce (URL session based, not client side/cookies)
o  statistics / tracking gathering and analisys

The developer must be able to show thier ability with real world
examples, and the ability to write portable / reuseable code rather than
one-off applications is a must.

Understanding of the balance between browsers / design / information /
code would be an added bonus.

Essentially I'm looking for a freelancer / contractor available to work
weekdays (even from home a lot of the time), and whilst this is a
one-off project, I'm keen to find a long term business partner to persue
similar projects full time.

Terms / hours will be decent and negotiable for the right person.

PLEASE no time wasters.  Send BRIEF resume / details to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Justin French
Creative Director

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