I't was a long time ago when i programed in js but the first thin that pops
up in my mind is that there is a function where you can read and set the
values of the scrollbars.

I found this when I googled it:


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2010/7/23 Larry Martell <larry.mart...@gmail.com>

> Hello all-
> I have a php script that generates a web page with a bunch of
> scrollable frames, and then asynchronously refreshes the page. If the
> user has scrolled down in any of the frames, when the refresh occurs
> it has scrolled back to the top of all the frames. Is there a way I
> can retain the scroll position so after the refresh the frames are
> shown at the same location as before the refresh? I have googled and
> googled for this, but everything I find is ASP or C# or Java. My stuff
> is straight php/html. How can I do this with that?
> TIA!
> -larry
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