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> At 1:38 PM +0300 7/27/10, Andre Polykanine wrote:
>>Hello viraj,
>>As for classes, it's suggested to start a class name with a capital:
>>class MyBestClass {
> In some languages (I can't remember if it is Java, or Javascript, or 
> both) the first letter should be lowercase, such as:
> myBestClass

One of the best features of standards is that there are so many to
choose from. Likewise with coding styles, there are nearly as many as
there are coders. If you are working by yourself, pick something and
stick with it. If you are working in a group, or are employed to write
code, there may be requirements agreed upon or required in that
environment. You may not find out about them until your first code
review, but be assured, you will eventually be told about them.

Bob McConnell

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