On 7/27/10 7:04 AM, Ümit CAN wrote:
 > I use PHP socket programming  and I wish  multithreading operation of
the socket .
> When I have many requests on this  socket , before the  first one request is 
> anwered , the second request  is not aswered  till the first one is finished.
> How can both  requests  work  together without  waiting each  other ? 

I assume you mean you have multiple sockets and not just one?  If it is
just one, you just need to write a little state machine that keeps track
of your requests since only one thing can happen at a time on a single

If you have multiple sockets you should be looking at
http://php.net/socket_select and not threads.  Threads and/or pcntl
processes would be a very inefficient way to deal with something as
simple as reading messages asynchronously from many sockets.


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