At 2:57 PM -0700 7/29/10, David Harkness wrote:
I'm working on the Hamcrest matching library and have been considering the
switch to using namespaces (\Hamcrest\Type\IsInteger) instead of
class-names-as-namespaces (Hamcrest_Type_IsInteger). Coming from the Java
world I'm used to being forced to deploy my applications on versions one or
two behind the latest stable release. It was common to run on 1.2 when 1.4
was available and 1.3 when 1.5 was available for over a year. Managers are
fearful of new versions. Is this same pattern repeated in PHP?

My current company just switched to 5.3 after running 5.2 for some time. Are
we average in that regard or the exception to the rule?


David :

I don't work for a shop, so I don't know what the average for a shop would be.

But from my experience freelancing, what I work with depends upon who I am working for and what their host provides.

For example, I have clients who allow me to work with whatever I want, which is usually the most current stable version provided by a knowable host. However, I also have clients who are dependant upon scripts that were written back in the stone-age, which holds them to an old version -- they will never upgrade for they are frozen in time.

But for the most part, I work with various host who provide an assortment of versions with virtually no input from me. In fact, if I contact them about anything, it's even odds I wont receive an answer back let alone them listening to me recommending what versions they should use. Host do what they do and us lowly programmers don't have much a say about it. It's something you have to learn to live with.

So, I have to work with all versions and all types of hosts -- there is no average I can see.




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