For those of you who might be using Debian (and new to linux in general)
mysql support for php is offered as a separate package in debian.  Just
use apt-get install php4-mysql, restart apache and you should be good to

Hope this helps someone.


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From: Kurt Lieber [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] 
Sent: Saturday, July 14, 2001 8:35 AM
Subject: php w/ mysql support compiled in -- can't connect to mysql

OK, there's been another thread floating around about getting: 

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: mysql_pconnect()

Turns out, I'm getting this same error message for both mysql_pconnect
as well as plain mysql_connect.  I'm using the PHP debian package found
in potato. (4.0.3pl1)  phpInfo() shows me the configure command which


So, I'm assuming that I really have mysql support compiled in.  mysql
lives in /usr/bin/mysql (and is also the debian potato package)

I'm used to windows -- this is the first time I've tried to set up
php/mysql on linux, so I'm hoping I'm just overlooking something
obvious. Anyone have any ideas?



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