Richard Quadling wrote:

Quick set of eyes needed to see what I've done wrong...

The following is a reduced example ...

$Set = array();
$Entry = 'Set[1]';
$Value = 'Assigned';
$$Entry = $Value;

The output is an empty array.

Examining $GLOBALS, I end up with an entries ...

    [Set] => Array

    [Entry] => Set[1]
    [Value] => Assigned
    [Set[1]] => Assigned

According to,
a variable named Set[1] is not a valid variable name. The [ and ] are
not part of the set of valid characters.

In testing all the working V4 and V5 releases I have, the output is
always an empty array, so it looks like it is me, but the invalid
variable name is an issue I think.



NOTE: The above is a simple test. I'm trying to map in nested data to
over 10 levels.

For something like this, a string that looks like a nested array reference, you might need to involve eval for it to "derive" that nested array.

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