Hi gang:

Okay, a question to the Encryption/Decryption gurus out there.

If you were given:

1. This encrypted string:


2. Were told it was a social security number (i.e., in the form of 123-45-6789).

3. And it had been generated from this code:

$cipher = mcrypt_module_open(MCRYPT_TRIPLEDES,'','cbc','');
mcrypt_generic_init($cipher, $key1, $key2);
$encrypted = mcrypt_generic($cipher,$social_security_number);

4. Where $key1 and $key2 are md5() values calculated from two different security phrases.

5. Where each security phrase contains multiple non-English words.

What would it take for you to break the encrypted string and decipher the social security number? Can it be done? If so, how long?

And lastly, where would the "best" place to store these security phrases? (Note: I didn't ask where would be the best place for me to put them.) :-)



PS: No, the SS number in question is not 123-45-6789. :-)


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