I get this too. I think it is because I'm running cgi php. Think it is a
500 error.

Easiest fix would to also create a custom 500 error handler.

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Scott wrote:

> I have custom 404 error handling setup on my linux apache
> box, however, there's a problem with files that have a PHP
> extension.  it seems that apache itself does not check for the
> existence of the requested .php file and fires up PHP no matter
> what.  if PHP does not find the requested file, it'll bail out
> with that dorky looking "Internal Server Error" *NOT* the
> custom error handler that apache uses for non-php files....
> example: "notexists.html" and "notexists.php" both do not exist
> http://server.com/notexists.html
> will show me the custom 404 page
> http://server.com/notexists.php
> will show me the "Internal Server Error", becuase apache fired
> up PHP and passed in "notexists.php" without checking for the
> existence of "notexists.php" first.
> A possible solution that comes to mind is to auto_prepend
> a script that will check for the existance of the file
> that PHP is attempting to execute, and die gracefully if
> it does not exist on the server.... but that would be a bad
> kludge hack (if it even works at all)
> anyone have a more elegant solution?

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