Hi all!

I just wanted you to know that I've created an extension which does resource
logging for each pageload. Works with 5.2.14 and 5.3.3 versions of PHP,
tested with Apache and CLI sapis.

It logs PHP memory consumption, real time spent, cpu time spent (user and
sys, in jiffies), page faults etc etc.
Logging is done through syslog, example output is here:
Aug 13 18:25:50 sizif php-rsclog[27108]: file:/var/www/
www.DOMAIN.com/public/index.php memory:15990784b realTime:3321548us
utime:299j stime:13j majflt:0 minflt:4753 cutime:0j csutime:0j cmajflt:0
cminflt:0 request_uri=/index.php query_string=

Download URI:

WARNING: Extension is currently considered to be of RC quality! But it works
for me very well:)

Have fun!

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