At 1:08 AM -0500 8/14/10, Karl DeSaulniers wrote:
Hello all,
I was wondering, can you reference php in a url string like you can javascript.

Can you do something similar in php like


I am thinking that you can not do this, but was wondering if there was something like that.


As others have answered, no php doesn't work that way.

However, you can still send/receive strings through a url via a $_GET) and direct the actions of a receiving php script and you can do the same thing via a $_POST.

As such, a "php:someFunction()" could be a:


Where the receiving script takes the command and runs someFunction().

However, I would shorten it a bit and say


Where php would be the command to run a function and 18 would be the function you want to run.

So, while you can't use the same syntax as javascript, you can get the same performance.




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