On 18/08/2010, chris h <chris...@gmail.com> wrote:
> php is not processing the file.  There's a few reasons for this, but the
> first thing I would check is the permissions of the file.  From the
> directory try
> $ ls -oa
The file permission was confirmed as root, since it was copied (as
root) from a normal user account directorp 'temporary' to the
directory '/var/www/html'

> This should tell you who owns the file and what it's permissions are.  You
> mentioned that you copied it as root, you could change it's ownership to
> www-data.
This fails:

[r...@localhost html]# chown www-data test.php
chown: `www-data': invalid user

So I repeated this with a normal user account and the change in
permission occurs. However, the html file containing the php script
remains unchanged.

The instruction:

<?php phpinfo() ?>

Does not show the version of php.

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