Hi list,

I know that some languages such as C++ can overload functions and
methods by declaring the method again with a different number of
arguments, and the compiler internally sorts things out, but I can't
seem to find a similar way to do this with PHP.

Basically, what I've got at the moment is a class method with 2
arguments, and I need to be able to overload the method with 3
arguments. The following which would work in other languages doesn't
seem to bring any joy in PHP:

class foo
    public function bar($arg1, $arg2)
        // do something with $arg1 & $arg2

    public function bar($arg1, $arg2, $arg3)
        // do something different with all 3 args

Is there any feasible way of doing this? The method names really need to
remain the same as they exist as part of a framework, but the arguments
really server quite different purposes between the two methods, so
there's no nice way of just merging the two functions without breaking
the naming conventions, etc used.


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