Ok.  I've been in this industry for 32 years.  I've loved O/S2, hated windoz
and been intrigued with *nix.  So, I have a successful web site and server
under windoz/php/mysql and I decide to venture into RedHat Linux because I
have heard some great things about it.

I get 7.0 and install it, virgin.  Apache and PHP work, but I was never able
to get MySQL working, except from a command line.  So, after abut 17 hours
of frustration, I get 7.1 .  Apache is the only thing that works.  I was
able to get PHP working when I did an install from scratch (tarball).  But,
it seems as if the RPM should work.  I still could not get MySQL working
working.  It consistently gives an error 2002 / socket problem.

Right now I have a virgin Apache and PHP4 and MySwl install from the RPM
(7.1) and php will not work.  As far as I can tell, I have modified my
httpd.config in all the right places.  Please, could someone who has a
working install from the 7.1 RPM package, please post their httpd.conf lines
that pertain to getting php to work?  Also, if their is a library that I
need to move around, please advise that too.

Thanks.  The MySQL problem would be a nice caveat if someone knows how to
fix that too :)



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