Ok, this is my first post here.  I have been writing in PHP for about 7
years or so now, I am not an expert, but I do pretend to be one :P

ANYWAY, my client and I have been working on a strange issue that I cannot
seem to pin point, or replicate, not to mention, it has no rhyme or reason
for it to happen except if maybe the user submits a form, and their internet
connection "hiccups" or the script terminates.

Some times, the submitted form can have probably more information than it
should, and the script is doing more than it should, so the execution time
may take upwards of a few seconds to a minute or so.

My question is, is the function/setting:
Going to possibly fix my issue?

Could I combine that with:
Set_time_limit(900); # 15 minutes, JUST INCASE of a problem!

So that if after 15 minutes, if the script has gone CRAZY, it will at least
not run forever?

Any help?  Ideas?  Is this a good idea?

Steven Staples

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