The typical way to use pecl/oauth seems to use OAuth::fetch which does 
everything including sending the HTTP request using curl or php streams.

I'd like to be able to use pecl/oauth to do everything up to and including 
calculating the signature but then send the request using different code. The 
reason for this is that I am using a web framework (internal) that can 
aggregate requests using curl_multi and do them asynchronously (Rasmus surely 
knows what I'm referring to :-)). I imagine this could be useful also for 
others who need to make their requests go through proxies.

I know that I can call oauth_get_sbs to get the sbs which is probably the most 
error-prone part of doing OAuth so that's good. But is it possible to take it a 
step further and get pecl/oauth to return the curl handle it would've used 
(with OAuth stuff already stuffed in the url or request headers) without 
executing it?

Basically I want to decouple OAuth signature calculation from network 
communication. Possible?

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