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> Subject: [PHP] Making multiple RSS feeds for the blog website
> Hi everyone,
> We are developing a blog service website.
> What we need now is the ability to make multiple RSS feeds from
> several pages (an RSS of each user's blog, a feed from each timeline -
> timelines are our representation of users' favorites; a feed filled
> with comments to a separate entry, etc.). What would be great is the
> following: a user enters, say, in my blog and sees the mark that there
> are RSS feeds. Then he/she clicks the mark or presses a keystroke
> (Alt+J in IE8, for instance), finds the feed and double-clicks on it.
> Then he/she can either read the feed or subscribe to it. The feeds
> have usually file extensions of .rss or .xml.
> Question: how do we do that with PHP?
> Thanks!
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> With best regards from Ukraine,
> Andre
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In otherwords, to paraphrase:

"We have this super cool new idea that's going to revolutionize the web and
blogs and cloud computing and we might even create our own new buzzword. We
heard you can do this with PHP. We just don't have any code written, so
could you guys write it for us. That'd be swell. kthxbye."


Dude. Andre. Let me break it down like a fraction, as to how this list

YOU post some code that you are struggling with, or you post some SPECIFIC
question, and the generous subscribers to this list decide if your question
is worthy of their time to reply.

Your "question" (for lack of a better term) was devoid of either of those

Now, had you said, "How can I formulate an RSS feed?", I might point you to

Or if you had said, "How does one double click?" (since that is NOT a
web-friendly navigation method by default), I might point you in this

   onload = function () {
      document.getElementById("textarea").ondblclick = function () {
alert('Double Clicked!') }
then this in the body
<textarea id="textarea"></textarea> 

Or even if you said, "How do I steal, er um, read an XML file from another
site?" Then someone might show you these functions (since you clearly
missed them when you RTFPM)

But again, your question was so vague that I (and everyone else) probably
has nowhere to begin to help you and therefore most likely won't. Given the
above advice, you might consider breaking your questions down into PHP
related specific examples.


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