Maybe you run out of diskspace??

Greets, Leon

Elias wrote:

> Table is full?
> did you try searching for "Table is full" error message?
> "Andreas )" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> 000c01c10b81$c765aa60$8d00000a@devel01">news:000c01c10b81$c765aa60$8d00000a@devel01...
> hi all,
> my script was now working for month but now
> suddenly get this error:
> The table 'SQL90cb_0' is full
> SELECT DISTINCT,t1.textd FROM tblEntry AS t1,tblTopic AS t2 ORDER BY
> t2.named,t1.textd
> anyone know whats the problem ?
> thank you
> andreas

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