tedd wrote:

> Hi gang:
> The server global:
> Provides the IP of the server where the current script is executing.
> And, the server global:
> Provides the IP of the server executing the script.

Yes, aka the client address. 

> As such, you can enter the IP of either into a browser and see that
> specific domain.

Huh?  If my server is and my client is, I
might get the default website on the server address, and nothing on the
client (assuming it is not running a webserver).

> However, that doesn't work when you are dealing with shared hosting.
> Doing that will show you to the parent domain, but not the child
> domain (i.e., alias).
> So, how can I identify the exact location of the 'server_addr' and of
> the 'remote_addr' on shared hosting? Is that possible?

$_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] will tell you the name of the virtual host - I
don't know if that is what you're after.

Per Jessen, Zürich (12.2°C)

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