I really didn't want to publish this at this moment to this list. As this
list is going to die for this sort of mishaps. Though I should at first let
you all know that this didn't happen from this list at all. But informing
about a fraud will always help.

I have all the proofs and records of chat in skype with this client. And the
party seems to be making good money as well. This greek guy named
Antonis Papamichail (papa...@gmail.com) skype(a.papamichail) contacted me
from the www.getshopped.org WP consultants list. And asked me to solve his
problem of single page theme he had. Though I insisted to allow me 2days but
he at the last moment of agreement allowed me only 1 day. I have taken $100
as advance of 50% of total deal. Then I delivered him the full work. I had
to trust him because he seemed to have a renowed and well established
business. Who would have thought that when I submitted the whole work and he
thanked me, he'd just go away without any talks about the rest of the
payment? I have sent him paypal invoice and sent mail reminders. I found
that he probably has blocked me on Skype after he reported me that the
work/modification by me is working fine. I had no access to his resources as
he  mailed them and I sent that back after proper work.

Anyways I wont write more as, not everyone has the patience to hear it all.
The job I worked for is of an humanitarian guy

Upto this I wrote on 22nd August but as there was a conversation over Skype
with Dan Milward (founder of instinct.co.nz the WP eCommerce Plugin owner),
he suggested me to not to say anything(as this is something negative) about
this guy in mailing lists, I kept myself off from the tendency to publish
this fraud act(and now I am suffering for not doing this). He is now taking
chances as I didn't take action against him at all. This guy seems to be
related with www.redshift.gr which is also www.psdgator.com


Latest update is he not only fled away from giving me the rest 50% money as
in $100. Now, he even claimed back the first $100 over to paypal. Which not
only forcing me put dispute against him but also I think every developer
should be warned about such a miscreant and liar. I have all the proof of
chat conversations, emails and the sourcecode I worked on.

I wonder if he can be such mischievous with a tiny amount of money as $200
and a work of only a single page theme design for WP eCommerce, then what he
is serving to the clients of his company? If I show you all the
conversations he had with me you'll see his attitude problem(acts just like
a teenager phreak) as well.



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