On 1 September 2010 08:00, David Mehler <dave.meh...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I've got probably a simple question on require_once. I've got a file
> that has require_once at the top of it pulling in another file of
> functions. Later on in this file I've got another require_once
> bringing in a second file. In this second file I have a function call
> to a function defined in the first files' top require_once functions
> file. I'm getting a call to undefined function.
> Should I change he require_once to require at the top of the first
> file to fix? I thought require_once meant it was in that file and
> anything pulled in later?
> Thanks.
> Dave.

The file is included properly, otherwise your script would halt.
You're likely looking at an issue of scope: the functions might be
included in a scope you don't expect them to be.


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