It can have something to do with your browser codification (UTF8, 

João Cândido de Souza Neto

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> I'm curious if the behavior of json_encode() is influenced by the
> browser at all.  I have a page that returns search results.  If I
> access the page and perform a search using Chrome, the following error
> shows up in the log:
> PHP Warning:  json_encode() [<a
> href='function.json-encode'>function.json-encode</a>]: Invalid UTF-8
> sequence in argument in [PAGE] on line [LINE]
> If I access the page and perform a search, the exact same search using
> the exact same parameters, using Firefox then I get the expected
> results.  When I var_dump() the return value of json_encode(), I see
> that it is a null in the case where I accessed using chrome but the
> expected string in the case where I accessed using firefox.  In both
> cases, the input array is identical.
> Given the identical input and different output, the only thing I can
> figure is that the headers sent to the server as part of the request
> figure in to how json_encode() behaves.  Is that the case?  Or am I
> barking up the wrong tree?
> To be clear, I'm not talking about how the browser ultimately handles
> the json encoded data.  I know there can be issues with that.  I'm
> talking about the process before the data is even shipped to the
> browser -- about how json_encode() behaves when executed as part of
> the PHP script.
> thnx,
> Christoph 

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