Can someone explain to me why I'm getting the 'dl() is deprecated' error? 
I'm running PHP5.2.3 and I believe that I have the php.ini settings correct:

error.log:[2010-08-24T13:38:53] <b>PC Error</b>: dl() 
&#91;function.dl&#93;: dl() is deprecated - use extension=test.so in your 

bash-2.05b$ php --version
PHP 5.2.3 (cli) (built: May  4 2009 16:23:02)

bash-2.05b$ php -i | grep -i safe
Thread Safety => disabled
safe_mode => Off => Off
safe_mode_exec_dir => no value => no value
safe_mode_gid => Off => Off
safe_mode_include_dir => no value => no value
sql.safe_mode => Off => Off

bash-2.05b$ php -i | grep -i dl
enable_dl => On => On

I thought that 'dl' wasn't deprecated until version 5.3.x

Thanks in advance,



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